Institute Comments on Property Tax Consultation

April 2012

The Institute has delivered a comprehensive submission to the Inter-Departmental Expert Group set up to consider proposals for a property tax. Our submission concentrated on the administrative and collections issues associated with the proposed tax, and our comments included the following:

  • A comprehensive property register must be the essential foundation of the tax in the medium to long term.
  • Householders should be offered a range of options in terms of both when to pay and how to pay.
  • A significant advance publicity campaign will be necessary to inform householders about the tax.
  • The separate NPPR charge should be discontinued.
  • Any property tax should be deductible in computing rental profits.
  • Some form of credit against the tax should be permitted for people who have paid stamp duty on the purchase of their property since 2004.
  • A robust appeals process should be an essential element of the infrastructure surrounding the tax.

The Group is due to report to the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government by the end of April.


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